27 Thanksgivings


27 Thanksgivings

By Bernadette A. Moyer


Ours is a love story! But it could just as easily have been a sad story. He had his pain, grief and loss and I had mine. We have known ups and downs, we have had money and little money. We have endured a house filled with children and then no children. We have lost pets and all our parents. We have had friends that turned into family and family that turned into strangers.

Together we have laughed and together we have cried. We have pulled people into our lives and into our homes. And we have pulled away and inward. We have gone stretches of time with the masses and other periods of time, we have soldiered on alone. Just the two of us. I get him and he gets me.

After 27 years and 27 Thanksgivings together, there is still no one else I would rather share my life with than my husband. He is my safe space, my comforter, my friend and my greatest love all rolled into one special amazing man. I want nothing more from him than what he freely gives to me. And it is everything!

He taught me about love, real love and gave me peace and much stability. Last week we laughed until we cried. Who knows what will unfold this week. Together we are stronger and better than when we are alone.

There is no magic pill, no secret sauce, there is love, respect, genuine care and comfort and above all else there is commitment. We survived much, we survived it together, we have history, we have friendship we have an unbreakable bond. We really like each other and we always look forward to sharing space and sharing time.

We know how God blessed we are to have one another. We never take it for granted. Each day, each year, each holiday and all 27 Thanksgivings have afforded us the depth of love and commitment that we strive to maintain. We never fail to see and feel the hand of God on our backs and within our hearts and souls, we are blessed.

This Thanksgiving I say thank you Brian Sahm for the gift of you and all that you have shared with me. Happy 27th Thanksgiving holidays and God willing, many, many more!

To my readers, reading this, we are far from perfect and we have made our share of mistakes through the years, but, when you are ready, when the time is right, you too can have that one person that you want to share 27 Thanksgivings and more … believe and receive …. and if you are blessed enough to already have it, then you know just how special and sacred it is, God bless you too!

Happy Thanksgiving, may God shine upon you with all His many blessings …

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