It All Sounds So Cliche’


by Bernadette A. Sahm

Sometimes it all sounds so cliche’ “do it now” “don’t wait” “live your best life” “what are you waiting for” “time waits for no man” “just do it” “life is a journey, not a destination” and the popular phrases and words of wisdom sometimes seem endless.

The truth is we have but one life, we never know just how long or how short that one life might be. Each day is filled with decisions from the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep. Most adults make more than 35,000 decisions each day. That is a whole lot of decision making!

Each decision that we make is also a decision NOT to do something else, we choose one thing and in doing so forgo something else.

In April, my husband and I celebrated being together for 30 years, living in our home for 30 years and later this summer, married for 25 years. Recently, I met a woman who is 75 years old and getting married for the very first time. Not only that, but she is moving from the United States to Italy with her new husband. All I could think was, “wow, that is so brave!” She is living her life, making big bold decisions and seems quite happy to do so.

I reflect on my own life and can’t help but think that I have made safe and conservative decisions. How many people can say they lived in their same home for 30 years and have stayed in the same relationship for just as long? Yet I am perfectly happy and content to do so.

At the same time. I thoroughly enjoy being a witness to how others live and make their decisions in life. Sometimes it is just fun to people watch and take joy in the life choices of friends and family.

Create the life that you love to live and always remember, “life is for the living, live it!”

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