Eating Olives


Eating Olives
By Bernadette A. Moyer


There was a time when I would never ever have eaten a green olive and now I crave them. It started with a “dirty martini” and eating the blue cheese stuffed olive. Then we graduated to “dressed olives” they are tossed with spices and often served with special crackers or fresh warm bread. My husband Brian is the “we” in graduated. Neither one of us would have touched this stuff as a child. Today we absolutely love “dressed olives.”

Our taste buds are evolved and matured just as we have in our life experiences. We aren’t kids anymore but fully fledged adults who love adult foods and adult experiences.

We marvel at our “aging” and how much we have changed, we know the difference between ego driven and just sitting back to watch. Not everything requires our comments and input, less truly can be so much more. Life has become simpler and sweeter, well actually briny. Briny as in salty like the sea and just like the green olives we enjoy.

Everything changes. We change. Life changes. It becomes more important to love and to accept. And loving and accepting starts within and with knowing ourselves.

“To love others you must first love yourself.” Leo Buscaglia

It takes time to know ourselves and to love ourselves, it takes time to evolve to maturity. Maybe you will never love green olives or perhaps you always loved them, regardless there are things in your life like people, places, foods and more that you enjoy as you age that you never dreamed of liking as a child.

Allow yourself the greatest freedom of all in learning, aging, evolving and “eating olives” or whatever makes you happy… Peace and love… and “green olives!”

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