Grocery Store “Bernie” My Angel


Grocery Store “Bernie” My Angel

By Bernadette A. Moyer


Today I got up early to beat the rush at the grocery store, it is New Year’s Eve day and after being away from home for several days it was definitely time to restock the refrigerator. I made it through the Amish Market before the crowds and then on to the grocery store. I was in “get it done” mode. Barely awake as I left home I hadn’t even had my coffee yet. I was out and about.

When I made my way to the line at the check-out I was feeling pretty accomplished since there was only one person ahead of me and I had secured everything I needed to cook for the evening. The checker was a guy and he was nice. Almost too nice since like I stated I had not yet had my coffee. He was talking and talking telling me how he separated my foods in their bags, where the eggs were and how he protected the glass jars I was purchasing. And I was like it’s early; I am on a mission and wow you are talking up a storm!

I took each bag from him placed them in the cart and handed over my card, this time he was telling me to have a safe and Happy New Year and not just for me and for my family and it seemed like he was going on and going on … it was much more involved than the normal quick “Happy New Year.”

When I finally took the time to look at him I noticed his name tag that read “Bernie” and I said “I’m Bernadette” he immediately said “did they call you Bernie” I responded with “yes my father is Bernie and I was named after him.” He smiled large and said “Bernie?” I said “well actually Bernard.” His smile grew. He continued to chat with me and from the beginning he was so sincere, so caring, you would have thought they were his groceries that he was taking such good care of when placing them into the bags for me.

The thing is I could have missed the whole thing. I wasn’t really present as I was so geared up to what I was doing and what I needed to do next.  I smiled wide as I left there. I thought it was a sign from my dad above. It was “Bernie” alright the one that went to heaven several December’s ago. For me, it was my dad Bernie who has been looking out for me in a whole new way since he departed this life.

This past year 2014 has been filled with blessings and angel signs and I have been so blessed …. Most of us are blessed but so often we aren’t open and we are rushed and closed off. When we open our hearts and our souls and when we are receptive our own “Bernie” angels light our way and protect us. Soon after my joy I looked up and said “thanks dad, happy new year to you too!” and then I had a few tears that rolled down my cheeks …

Whatever is ahead I am able to face it because I know that God is with me  and that my angels are always with me. I am never ever alone and that is as simple as a visit to the grocery store or any other places that I find myself.

Happy New Year 2015 and May you be blessed and open and receptive to all the angels that surround you too!

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