Being “23”


Being “23”

By Bernadette A. Moyer


Our twins Brandon and Briana will turn 23 years old this week. It is amazing how quickly the years have passed. I remember being “23”so clearly. I also remember them as babies and all the fun times that we all enjoyed throughout the years.

Being “23” isn’t like it was when were grew up. By the time I was 23 I was already married, had a child and at age 23 was widowed and left alone to raise her. My best friend from high school had graduated from college and was attending law school.

When we grew up many of our parents expected us to take responsibility of our own lives at age 18, today that just seems so young. Kids seem less mature or at least less able to be out on their own.  They say girls mature faster, not sure if that still holds water. I’ve known many young males that were quite mature at 18 and certainly at age 23.

My husband was also in his first marriage by age “23” and also divorced from her too. Looking back we were either fearless or ignorant about the big life altering decisions that we made.

Our son has returned home after two attempts at leaving home, once to join the Navy and another to live with friends. He always wanted to come back home and we always welcomed him. His twin sister left the nest with her own track record on the places that she lived these past 4 plus years.

With our son he shares everything with us; we all get along quite well and look out for one another. He is struggling to make sense of his life like many his age. He lives care free and has so far chosen to take on very little responsibility. He is still having a lot of fun.

With our daughter, she wishes to be “mysterious” we have mutual friends and family members who give us updates on her education, her engagement status and her living arrangements. They send us pictures and her record of accomplishments. The skinny little girl that once could only fit into stretchy pants is long gone. You can see in her photos how she has grown and aged.

Our kids look very different as they are adults now. Like all babies they were once so innocent. Today they are carrying around the weight of their own successes and/or failures. They are responsible for their lives and all their choices.  It is always interesting to see what paths young people will take and how they will fare.

The best part of parenting is when your job is complete and you get to sit back and watch … Happy 23rd Birthday Brandon and Briana! Your twenties are all about growing up and becoming a full-fledged adult, and from our experiences your best years are all ahead of you and still yet to come!

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