Trust Yourself and Trust in the Universe


Trust Yourself and Trust in the Universe

By Bernadette A. Moyer


Staying true to ourselves can be a challenge in a world that wants to judge and label people. I recently heard from a seasonal real estate professional that the average homebuyer makes the decision to purchase a home during the first one minute and two seconds after viewing it. I totally believe this to be true. As a former Realtor my view was that buyers either “fit” the property just like they “fit” a new coat or not. Some things aren’t meant to be “sold” or talked into. They are just meant to be.

It takes a while for us to know ourselves and to trust ourselves, to trust that we don’t have to “make it happen” or subscribe to what others say and do that may impact our life. When we have matured and when we truly know ourselves we accept ourselves complete with all our strengths and weaknesses.

Yesterday I read a headline on a woman’s magazine cover that read, “Wake up skinny” maybe when you are young and naive you may think that is possible but anyone who is lived knows if that were true there wouldn’t be any over weigh people. It isn’t that easy. I also recently read a liquor store sign that read “world’s greatest liquor store.” Seriously, who made that determination? Perhaps they didn’t mean it literally! If I walked around stating, “I am the world’s greatest person!” You would laugh out loud. Perhaps what we should be telling ourselves is that I am the only one like me. I am unique and I am the best me that I can be.

Often we are willing to mask over that inner voice that know all our truths, that inner guiding light that knows to trust in you and trust in the universe. All that is meant to be in our lifetime will be. When we fight the natural flow of life events like things that other people do and other people say, we are merely giving ourselves away. A strong person knows their self and knows what is right versus what is wrong. When we have people that abandon us, pelt nasty comments or do things to hurt others they are coming from their own dark, nasty and hurtful place. The trick is to remove ourselves and side step them and their words.

I am concerned, saddened and upset when I learn of parents that think about suicide and act on it over the loss of their child. Estrangement often has parents thinking this way, I know how devastating this kind of loss can be and how personal mothers and fathers take it. But I also know that what those kids do speaks volumes about who they are and their ability to love and to cope. It isn’t about the parents, who literally have done so much for their kids. I had lunch with a friend who was a big part of our family life for many years. He said, “Your kids grew up privileged.”

It isn’t the first time a family member or a family friend made that declaration. Our son now a young adult often makes that same declaration. He feels “blessed” “privileged” “loved” and “supported.” How is it that kids can come from the exact same environment and some can be so loving and successful? And others can do damage and hurt themselves and many others? When you finally do take that necessary step back you know that it is about them. It is about their own feelings about themselves and their inability to trust in their inner goodness, their selves and in the universe. If we have to manipulate it, lie about it, cheat it and deceive it we are going against the universe and more importantly moving away from our selves. If you want love and you want peace you have it all deep down inside of yourself. Trust yourself.

As we enter this Thanksgiving season we reflect on all that we have and all the abundance in our lives. Part of that abundance is the glory and the goodness that lives within our hearts. What’s inside is much more important than what lives outside of us.

  1. Are you a good person? Check.
  2. Do you choose love and peace? Check.
  3. Have you tried to right any wrongs? Check.
  4. Is your heart filled with love and with gratitude? Check.
  5. Are you making the decision to see the good in every situation? Check.
  6. Are you trusting in yourself and trusting in the universe? Check.
  7. Are you treating others the way that you want to be treated? Check.
  8. Give it up to God? Check.

If we can fix it, we must try and fix it. If we can’t fix it, it’s probably not ours to fix. At some point in time, you realize how little you control and how much truly rest in God’s hands.

Trust in yourself and trust in the universe, for all that is meant to be, shall be.

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2 thoughts on “Trust Yourself and Trust in the Universe

  1. Tamarah

    Reading through your post just randomly and they all seem to mirror me and my life. I have a Daughter that has no regard for mine or my husbands feelings,, and I have a Son that is totally polar opposite . They were raised in the same household,, and if I had to think back I would say I did way more for her then I did for him . Its a really long story that I cannot go into obviously . but yes I am all those things on the Checked list which really made me laugh,,, and exactly how I have dealt with this situation is I did Give it all to God last February 15 , 2015 , and it totally changed my life . I still have a lot of things that I pray for but the Lord has brought things quite a ways from where it was . Thank you so much for your beautiful words ,, you are truly a Kindred Spirit .
    Blessings to You this Holiday Season.

    • Thank you for connecting and for sharing! I agree I did so much more for my daughter and yet my son appreciates me so much more! I have so much peace and love right now and I hope that you do as well have a wonderful holiday season! Angel hugs!

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