Why This Mother Loves Snow Days


Why This Mother Loves Snow Days

By Bernadette A. Moyer


I love snow days! They are nature’s holiday and when God is saying, “Slow down and breathe and just take it all in and take it easy!” My family is safe at home and all together and that is why I love snow days. We are all together and under one roof.

Our son left for work this morning and returned home about an hour later as his place of employ was closing due to the 8 to 10 inches of snow that we were getting here in Maryland. My 11:00 appointment in the next county was cancelled due to the snow.

So we all came together and enjoyed our home and each other’s company. I made food. My husband shoveled some and we took turns taking the dogs out and each one of us working out on our exercise bike. It is peaceful and quiet. Together we watched a cooking show competition for kids.

I decided to put together a meal with what we had in the house and it was pork chops, oven brown potatoes with chives, baked beans that I doctored up with a favorite barbecue sauce and yellow corn. I found a frozen loaf of bread in the freezer and got it out and defrosted in time to make fresh warm bread.

At dinner we made jokes and I laughed so hard I had to leave the table! We all laughed. I made a Hershey’s cocoa cake from scratch and there is a fire burning in the woodstove. The dogs are good company and my husband has started to sip the homemade lemon liquor that we just made today.

We are doing laundry and preparing for the weekend and our week ahead. There is something so wonderful about being a mom, and a snow day and having the people closest to you all together and at home and truly enjoying just being together as a family.

Thank you God, thanks be to God!

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