Our Good Health


Our Good Health

By Bernadette A. Moyer


For most of my life I have been afforded good health. On my mother’s side of the family there were many health care providers like nurses and doctors. We were encouraged to stay healthy and to stay away from hospitals. Hospitals were where sick people were and we weren’t sick.

Last Saturday morning I woke up with severe pain in my right arm and shoulder. Pain that I never experienced before. It was startling. I couldn’t raise my arm up. I could feel tingling and shooting pain from the shoulder all the way through my hands. It was so scary.

Turns out I had pulled muscles and some nerve damage, all from resting on my arm in an awkward position for over an hour during a long car ride. I went from ice packs to heating pads to many doses of anti-inflammatory medication.

I couldn’t function since the pain was so intense. Little things like taking my clothes off and putting my clothes on and showering were painful everyday tasks that I normally took for granted. My husband had to help me. He had to comb the knots out of my hair and come every time I needed something that I normally could do for myself.

Today after not writing for days, I am using my left hand and yes it is awkward. The first day was probably the most painful. It would also be the day our little dog would be sick with a cold and runny stool. A normally house broken dog now eliminating all throughout the house and of course just moments after my husband had walked out the door. One day he went to CVS four times to get my mediation and other items to try and comfort me. This would also be the day that Chipper left messes all throughout our home. As painful as it was I cleaned it up. I wanted to get mad at my husband for leaving at just the right time so he didn’t uncover the mess nor have to clean it up.  Like it was his fault.

I can’t say that I have taken my normally good health for granted as I have always appreciated it. But today as I sit at my desk pained by an arm that isn’t fully functioning I surely can appreciate those who have alignments every day of their lives. We wonder why some people aren’t happy and smiling but I can see where when you are gritting your teeth to fight back the pain that smiling is the last thing you are thinking about doing.

My husband and I talk about how we are getting older and less attractive and how our health won’t always be the best as we continue on the aging path. I love being healthy and being slowed down to almost a complete halt is no fun at all.

Today I pray for all those who are suffering with health issues and that includes me with what my husband lovingly refers to as my “bad wing.”

Prayers for healing for all who need them …

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