Who Do You Voo Doo?


Who Do You Voo Doo?

By Bernadette A. Moyer


On a recent trip to New Orleans I picked up a small Voo Doo doll. I was surprised at how many different types they had there. There were soft sewn ones that looked just like pillows and hard wooden ones that came with nails instead of pins. I picked up a small one and I always assumed you were tasked with “pinning” the people that you decided to “Voo Doo.”  That somehow it was a hate magnet and used to pin out our anger and upsets with others.

It was only after reading the tag did I learn that the white pins are for good luck and wishing good fortune and the black pin is for evil and wanting to harm our enemies and victims.

Imagine that? Imagine that we could “pin” or bring harm to the people that we didn’t like or had any grievances toward? And imagine using the white pin for trying to do good for someone? The doll is used as the vehicle for our intentions.

I am amused that this concept exists, I mean for me anyway what a waste of time to conjure up our anger and our ill will toward another and pinning them, basically stabbing them in an attempt that hurting them and releasing our anger and displeasure.

So far it has been interesting to see how others react to my Voo Doo doll as I leave it in my office. A friend immediately picked it up and starting stabbing all the named people they could think of that they no longer held in high esteem. Another person picked it up and declared that their intended victim didn’t have a heart to begin with so the exercise wasn’t valid for them.

I don’t think we need a Voo Doo doll to have negative or positive thoughts about others, I am pretty sure it is human nature. Some people we automatically like and others maybe not so much. I am not a person that carries hatred in my heart. I get angry I express it and I get over it. It is what I do for myself.

Who would you “Voo Doo?” Are there people that you would want to use the white pin on and others that you would want to use the black one on? Do you wish good fortune for others or ill will?

One of the reasons that I don’t wish harm on others is because my belief is that what we put out into the universe is what comes back on us. Like a boomerang if we put out love and goodness more love and goodness comes back to us. And when we put out anger and evil thoughts that is also what comes back to us.

Voo Doo?

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One thought on “Who Do You Voo Doo?

  1. Dot

    Thank you. It made me truely think. I have this saying forgiving is good for you. It heals whats inside of us if we hold all that anger in it makes us sick. Taking the hate out and doing good is the right thing to do. Even when it is hard to be kind it is better to do.

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