It’s Not Over … Until We Take Our Last Breath


It’s Not Over … Until We Take Our Last Breath

By Bernadette A. Moyer


There was a lot of lead up until the actual interview with Bruce Jenner that took place last night with Diane Sawyer. But what was the real take away for the average person?

I have never wanted to be anything but a woman and I can’t image it any other way. Most of us will never know what it feels like to be born of one sex and believing deep within that you should have been born another.

What struck me was the love and family support, this is a big deal; every single person involved is having their reality tested. What will it be like for them when Bruce presence himself as a woman after 65 years of living as a man? And yet there didn’t seem to be any harsh family judgement but rather love and acceptance. What family couldn’t learn from this example?

Where I can relate to Bruce Jenner is in the aging process where you get to the point in life where you have been someone’s child, someone’s friend, someone’s employee, someone’s partner, and spouse and more and at a certain stage in life you have been through the process, you have done the work you have life experience and you have lived and you know who you are and what is most important. At a certain age we just want peace, love and self- acceptance.

Clearly he has arrived at a place in his journey where giving in and giving up and NOT being true to himself is no longer working nor something that he wishes to pursue. I think we call that maturity. I don’t believe there is any greater act of self-love than to be true to oneself. Otherwise we are living a lie.

Our entire lives are full of choices, some greater than others. This is huge for Bruce Jenner and I have to believe that he alone knows what is best for himself. Most of us do. We know when we are on the right path, we know when we are making the right decisions and we know what is best for ourselves.

If you aren’t living happy or you aren’t living whole, then you aren’t living an authentic life. I don’t believe that joy, love and happiness can coexist in a life that is less than authentic. And the good news is that you alone can change that and there is still time. Our life is not over until we take our last breath.

People that are the happiest are the ones that are filled with love, peace and acceptance. Acceptance starts within us, when we can accept our own unique place in this life and accept our own unique life path and genuinely come to terms with who and what we are all about there is joy.

Be true to yourself! And if for whatever reason you have veered away from your own natural being, it is never too late to take a new path. It is not over until we take that very last breath …

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