A Very Happy Mother’s Day


A Very Happy Mother’s Day

By Bernadette A. Moyer


This past Mother’s Day was a very happy day for me. Yesterday I finally put my Mother’s Day card away that my son gave to me. It was so touching because he talked about being an adult and his adult view of my mothering. Our tradition each year is that he takes me out to lunch or brunch and we see a movie. He takes off of work to celebrate with me. It means a lot to him. And it means so much to me too.

But this year I was blown away by the gifts of effort from both my son and from my husband. My son created a personal video that he shot for me by taking many photos off my Facebook page and adding music and his own text.  It literally made me cry. And the one word that he used to describe me just made me so happy, the word was “wise” and who wouldn’t want to be known for their wisdom? He said he was up late the night before creating it and for me it was a complete and unexpected surprise but so truly wonderful.

I am a huge fan of gifts of effort. My husband surprised me by adding two new rose bushes to the garden. He not only purchased them but spent well over an hour weeding the area where they were to be planted and then put them in the ground surrounded by new mulch. Every day when I pass that side of our home I am reminded of his labor of love. I appreciate it so much and love the outcome.

Last year I remember a special exchange when two of the interns that I engaged showed up unexpectedly in my office with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a very large Mother’s Day card too. I never saw it coming but was completely delighted. They both have mothers of their own that they hold in high regard and yet they thought of me too.  A year later I still remember their thoughtfulness.

Mother’s Day this year was a very happy day for me and almost a month later I am still basking in the love and the appreciation that I received and for the most part it was because the gifts were rooted in genuine efforts and heartfelt actions.

I still feel the love and I feel so blessed …

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