Why We Love Gary Allan


Why We Love Gary Allan
By Bernadette A Moyer

We love Gary Allan and his music and it’s not what most people think, yes, he is a hot guy but then again so is my husband.

My husband and I like him because he isn’t just country music but really has a rock n roll sound too. My husband Brian is a huge classic rock and roll guy, most of the music he enjoys came out in the 70’s when we were teenagers. It’s the music by Tom Petty and Aerosmith and earlier music by The Rolling Stones.

Gary Allan is country with a rocker style and sound. I am all about the lyrics because they speak to me. My husband Brain will go to a live show and he watches the amount of guitar changes and what type they are playing at any given time with any particular song. For the most part Gary Allan plays his own original music.

We also enjoy the travelling to different towns and locations. We would never have visited Biloxi Mississippi if not for a Gary Allan concert and now we have been there several times. We enjoy the beaches in and around Biloxi and the short drive to New Orleans.

We have been to Erie Pennsylvania and to Atlantic City New Jersey and most recently to Toledo Ohio and other towns, just so we could attend a live show. For five years we attended his fan club parties in Nashville Tennessee. At this point in time I think we have been to about 15 of his live concerts. I just love his music and I love that my husband enjoys it and it is something that we can do together and experience as a couple.

Together we have made friends at his shows, met people from around the country that enjoy his music as much as we do. I have to be honest though he didn’t catch my attention right away. I was an avid watcher of CMT, Country Music Television and was a huge fan of several other artists.

One day they had breaking news that ran across the bottom of the television. It was about Gary Allan. His wife had just committed suicide in their Nashville home. They were a blended family with six children. Because my husband and I were both widowed so young, I was just 23 years old and Brian when he was 32. Gary Allan’s story really struck a chord with us.

So I paid attention. I paid attention later when he ”came back” with a song called Best I Ever Had and I watched him on Oprah when he talked about his loss and about suicide. I watched his music evolve and watched him use his trauma and turn it around for something good. His music is real; it’s about life and often about the range of emotions that goes along with life. He is a survivor and has thrived in spite of personal challenges. And isn’t that what we all aspire to do? To take what life hands us and to make the very best of it? Even the bad stuff and the sad stuff can be turned around and something good can come from it.

We really believe that so much great art is born of pain … you have to have something to write about and something to say that will resonate with an audience. Gary Allan writes music, he plays music and he sings music and we just love him for all that.

It has been just a few days since his last show that we attended and it was a really great show and an all-around good time. Today we look forward to the release of his next album and to seeing him play again, so until the next time … go Gary Allan … go … we just love what you do and how you do it!

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