Another Way


Another Way
By Bernadette A Moyer

You either find a way or you make your way. There is always another way, a better way, as life goes on we learn more and more about the value in our choices.

Every experience that we go through affords us the opportunity to learn and to grow; it also affords us an opportunity to respond with love.

There is always the “high road” the place where we respond with the most kindness regardless of how challenging our experience becomes.

When we stop, reflect and pause before a quick knee jerk response we allow ourselves that moment to think before we act. Most hurtful and negative responses are fear based. When we are secure in ourselves and when we know ourselves we need not fear.

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road …unless you fail to make the turn.” Helen Keller

Many times in life we will start out on one course only to re-evaluate and decide upon Another Way. Sometimes someone else makes that decision for us. Maybe a failed relationship or a failed job stops us in our tracks. Yet this is the time when we are afforded an opportunity to go Another Way.

For me, Another Way has always been a better way. When something or someone didn’t work the way that I had imagined it, I always found myself in a better place. New opportunities took their place and showed themselves.

This book Another Way will be available on November 1, 2015 and it contains several articles, blogs and essays and on many subjects but they are connected by coming about because I had the chance to go about life in Another Way.

As I finish this piece, I am preparing to leave for a week away to Las Vegas and one of my little dogs Chipper just arrived in my office. The hardest part about going away is leaving them behind. I know that if we still had minor children at home we would not travel near as much as what we do now.

Our life is different and we are living it Another Way. And it s full of life, of happiness, of pure joy and loaded with many adventures!

If what you are doing isn’t making you happy, you can always choose Another Way …

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another way

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