Happy New You!


Happy New You!
By Bernadette A. Moyer


Most of us are walking around and greeting with “Happy New Year!” but this year I have decided to go with “Happy New You!”

It could be as simple as a new hairdo or as meaningful as a new career move or job. Each year as we turn over to the New Year, we have the unique opportunity to begin again. We have a chance to create a new life. We can lose weight and eat healthier and work out at the gym more often.

We can learn a new language or paint a room and remodel and redecorate. We can give more away than what we consume and take in. Each year we can rethink, redefine and readjust who and what we are all about. How do we want to spend our time, what should we do each day to ensure that we are happy and operating as our highest and best self?

What will you do this year that you have never done before? What will make 2019 better than 2018? How will we define “better?”

Each life has a beginning, a middle and an ending, where are we in our life? And what should we do so that each day we want to leap out of bed and begin our day? Should we travel more or stay put longer?

Is our attitude one that still serves us well, or do we need to change and adjust it? No one knows how long their life will be but if/when it comes to a conclusion have we lived, loved and learned?

The only person responsible for our happiness and our quality of living is us, what might we do in 2019 that helps with be the best version of ourselves? How can we begin again and be a happier healthier newer version of ourselves, our best self?

I see a New Year as the perfect opportunity to be a New You! Happy New YOU!

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One thought on “Happy New You!

  1. Teresa Lampmann

    I love this – Happy New You! I wish I had read it earlier so I could have used that greeting! Your message is great and I am looking forward to sharing it when I meet with friends for lunch this month – it’s a great conversation starter.

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