This Sucks!


This Sucks!
By Bernadette A. Moyer


This sucks and I am not going to put lipstick on a pig and say otherwise. This is NOT the “American Way” as we enjoy freedom, our ability to work and travel and share exchanges of hugs and handshakes. Whatever routine you have, this is most certainly, NOT it!

But what are we learning or have we learned so far? Mostly just how vulnerable that we humans are in life. That one virus could stop us, literally dead in our tracks. That no matter how much we have if we don’t have the right mindset and the right spirit to handle whatever we must face, we fail.

Like many people I suffer from anxiety and we all know that there is much to be anxious about these days. What am I doing about my anxiety you ask? Breathing and keeping busy. My grandmother was famous for saying “idle time is the devil’s workshop.”

Simple things like cleaning and cooking. I hand washed and neatly folded something like 15 scarves that I own. I wear a scarf all year long. To me it is like an adult version of a baby blanket. It comforts me and keeps me warm even in the summer when the air conditioning in many places is a deep freeze. I love having a scarf on. And I have NEVER hand washed them before. Each scarf has a memory and they are all good memories of places we travelled or occasions that we celebrated.

What else am I learning, well I think, how I look at my life during this period in life will help define how it plays out for me. Believe me I think to myself, so this must be how “home detention feels” but then I quickly think about all the rest/sleep that I am getting and how thankful I am for my husband our home and our precious pooch. Thankful that we both have the ability to work from home. Thankful for the time for self-reflection and self-analysis, thankful for a chance to re-boot and re-connect with myself.

I think about how little we really need in life, certainly if we are staying home, why do I need dress clothes or dress shoes? And yet I can’t wait for the day to put them back on and march out the door with a purpose and with work and to see friends, co-workers and other people.

It continues to amaze me just how much can be delivered to me at home, pretty much whatever we need can be dropped off at our front door. I am also mindful of those that don’t have and make a point of giving and donating even more that we normally do. Even in the best of times, I hate to see people do without having their basic needs met.

It is through the struggle that we find enlightenment and I certainly believe that most of us will survive this with a greater understanding of who we are and what makes us tick. In the meantime I pray that our leaders lead us quickly and safely out of this and that we can all work together to re-build what has been lost and worthy of coming back.

In the meantime, let us all agree, “this sucks” and then get up, take our showers, drink our coffee or tea, share what we know and what we have with the ones we can, and pray together for the people most in need of our prayers.

I pray for the caregivers and the sick and the most vulnerable but I am also praying for you, for all of us that we remain calm and kind and look to the future. Today I look out my window and I see the morning sun shining and the green grass and new growth in plants that are coming back from the dead of winter.

Just like those plants coming back to life, so will we, we must believe and we will receive!

God’s peace and prayers,


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