Toast and Tea


by Bernadette A. Sahm

There is something so comforting about toast and tea. It’s so simple and so basic yet so comforting too!

What do we do in our self-care to comfort ourselves? A walk? Listening to music? A hug? Puppy love? Prayer? Meditation? Writing? Reading? Conversations with a friend/loved one? How about a nice warm bubble bath?

How do we go out into the world “to love and to serve” if we haven’t started with our own self-care?

The older I get the more committed I am to self-care and living both peacefully and in grace and gratitude. When I see injustice or witness a bully, my initial thought is that they are targeting outward for what they lack internally. They haven’t cared enough for themselves. We learn these lessons as we age.

As a teen I remember giving many of my toys to my campers who came from underprivileged families. They were dolls I had saved and once cherished, in my heart, I wanted another child to love and appreciate them. One of my favorite kids was a little black girl named Toy. She was so pretty with the brightest smile. We became pen pals when I went away to school or I should say I wrote to her. She never wrote back to me.

One year after camp had ended, I met up with her and treated her to lunch. She beamed all the while that we were together. She brought all my letters with her. This little girl was special to me. In the home that she came from she was never treated as special. It was a large family and not a lot of support or ability to afford any extras.

It was at a young age that I learned that giving is for the giver, and we all have gifts to share. Toy had the gift of her presence as she radiated pure joy.

We never know what someone else is carrying in their heart and what burdens they may be facing. I never dreamt that my letters to Toy meant so much to her, but they did. We never fully recognize the impact we have on others both good and not so good.

When our cup is full, we have much to offer others, when we operate with any empty cup, we have little to nothing to offer.

Treat yourself and treat someone else to the simple comforting pleasures of toast and tea!

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