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  1. Rita

    Thank you for verifying that some family members are not entitled to be in my life. After growing up with “crazy” I finally had to exclude them from my life. As painful as it was I realize now that it would have been crazier to keep them in my life. It was a long and sad journey but the true happiness I feel now was certainly worth it. I found myself many time reacting to life as I had learned in my childhood and I needed to change It feels great to truly be happy and feel content with life.

      • Kathy

        The blog from Rita is in conflict with your books and blogs, at least from what I read from your other blogs. Rita has eliminated her family.
        This is exactly what our previously loving daughter would say. I realize perception is their truth but our daughter was loving we were very close. She has been screaming and degrading us since her 20’s – excluding us from her child and her life. It breaks our heart. She is now 43 – we are heartsick – accusations that are exacerbated. We never hurt her, she claims we did, although I’m sure we were not perfect. In fact she was the light of our family! Her brothers are close to us as we are included in their families our 6 grandchildren are very close to us – we have been part of their lives since each of their births! We have met our daughter’s daughter a few times but we are excluded as we were not invited to her wedding – her husbands family were the only ones there. Not one of our entire family was invited, which includes siblings, cousins, family friends no one! Not that she had to invite everyone but it would have been wonderful for her mother and father to be with her on her wedding day as we were with our sons. How sad but she made the choice that no family is better because we are “the crazies”. she feels she was not validated – she is a professional and was helped financially and encouraged in everything she did or wanted to do. My mother (my father had passed away early) adored my children and showered them with love and anything they wanted. Especially our daughter. Hopefully this gives you a small insight to what she calls the “dysfunctional”. We were not perfect but far from having a daughter that wants nothing to do with us. Confused and hurting.

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