The Disposable Generation


The Disposable Generation
By Bernadette A. Moyer


Most of us raised our children on disposable diapers and bottles. Few appliances are made to last before it is time to switch them out for a new one. We don’t wait for our cell phones to die before we want and feel the need to purchase the newest version. But we do these things at what price?

Maytag used to have a tagline that read “made to last” and that used to matter and make a difference. We used to see value in holding down the same job or only having had at most two or three different careers in our lifetime. Today it doesn’t seem to matter much if we had one career job or many.

We can pick up and move just about any place without skipping a beat, we can take our friends and our contacts with us via the internet.

But what happens when the message is translated into everything and everyone is disposable? What was the real cost of those disposable diapers and bottles and lifestyle?

Does long-term staying power hold value, does long lasting translate to having value?

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