So Much to Be Thankful For in 2014


So Much to Be Thankful For in 2014

By Bernadette A. Moyer


If we don’t appreciate what we have, what makes us think we will appreciate even more?

Last year around this time I created my own gratitude jar and throughout the year I used it. I wrote down things that I was thankful for in my life. It was not a difficult exercise. Little did I know when I started to do this just how many things and people and places and opportunities would come my way. It was a year filled with much love and abundance.

It was also around this time last year that I interviewed for a new job in the state of Delaware. Somehow I managed to compete with more than 70 other professionals for that position. It was a position that I eventually secured after a very challenging series of filters that began with a Skype interview and included my 30-60-90 day action plan before the actual face-to-face interview. The team that interviewed me I immediately liked every single one of them.

I loved the small town of Smyrna, Delaware and so many of its residents. It was a huge job with extremely limited resources. In my time there I was very successful. It was a beautiful place. Sadly the lack of unity just burned out the two people they hired to replace me. They lasted as long as I did before moving on too. In about a year they had three different Directors I hope that 2015 brings them better luck and an aligned board of trustees. However I will be forever thankful for my experiences there. I met some of the best people. Some remain in my life as good friends and others will live on in my heart.

After exiting the job I decided to travel some with my husband. So off we went up and down the East coast and I appreciated it all. We will end our year in one of our favorite cities; Nashville Tennessee.  We have so many fond memories of past holidays with our children there and try and go back at least twice a year. I am so thankful that we remain healthy and are afforded so many travel opportunities.

This year job opportunities literally just fell into my lap, many of them I declined however I remain grateful for them and ponder the variety. One was a position in upstate New York working in economic development. We actually house hunted before declining. Another possibility came my way via a dear friend who asked me to help be part of the care giving team for her aging parents. She reached out to me because of my “giving and caring heart.”  Hard as it was I said “no” but her prayers were soon answered with a team of three wonderful qualified adults. Another opportunity I accepted locally and another is based in Washington, D. C. My take away is that there are many opportunities and I am so thankful to be afforded them.

My husband remains at the very top of my gratitude list. What a great life partner he continues to be to me. He is always so supportive of my many projects. I couldn’t ask for better.  And I appreciate my closest friends who are like family to me.

I’ve peaked inside of my gratitude jar for 2014 although I have decided to wait until New Year’s eve before reading each slip of paper where I wrote what I appreciated and was so thankful for in my life. This will be a tradition now as I plan to begin 2015 with a fresh new gratitude jar.

Isn’t that the beauty of life, not knowing what is ahead? What will the New Year afford us? What will we attain or achieve or receive that we will be thankful for? I know that I have so much to be grateful for that came my way in 2014 and I truly look forward to receiving the many gifts that life has to offer for 2015.

Have a most happy and healthy New Year 2015 and be sure to take the time to ponder all that you appreciate are most thankful and grateful for in your own life …

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