More Fun Times … Please


More Fun Times … Please

By Bernadette A. Moyer


We just enjoyed the best holiday season ever! We had so many fun times. We set out for fun and we found it everywhere. We had fun in our home and in our neighborhood we had fun on our day trips and on our holiday vacation.  We had fun with our friends and with our family. It started out as a mindset and then moved beyond to our actions. We were determined to have a fun filled holiday season and we achieved it.  

It was a conscious choice and a decision that we made and the more fun we had the more fun times we found! During our road trip and during our hotel stay I vowed to wear my white fur lined snow flake tiara every place we went and I did. People were always smiling at me and commenting to me “how happy I looked” and I was happy!

After a while I would forget that I was wearing it and my thoughts were “the people here are so nice and so happy and they are all smiling!” But the truth is/was they were smiling because when they saw the snowflake tiara you couldn’t help but smile.

The take way for me was that we put into motion how we will be viewed and how we will be received. We do this by our own actions and how we present ourselves to the world. Whoever waited on us during our recent trip to Nashville when I wore that tiara out and whether we purchased gas or were eating out or just walking around received us with joy and with smiles and with their own happiness.

My snowflake tiara brought me so much joy but it also set the stage for others to smile and to laugh and to communicate with me. We had so many fun times! Now all I can think is more fun times … please … and where will I find my next tiara, for the next season or holiday?

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