Boots, Books and …


Boots, Books and …

By Bernadette A. Moyer


Every time the Bravo show Watch What’s Happening Live host Andy Cohen talks about the three things he is currently obsessed with and then rattles this off, I think about what I am currently most obsessed with. Most of us are collectors, there are things that we like and admire and collect. For some people it is sports memorabilia and for others it might be art or music. I have a small salt and pepper shaker assortment that I like collecting. In the past I have collected Barbie dolls and dishes in a variety of china patterns.

I have a record collection of vinyl records that I have held on to through the years, I am told they are making a “comeback” but for me they were never out. I have fond memories of many occasions at our beach house with my husband and us just playing our vinyl albums together. We have the original Beatles records on Apple Records and a huge collection of The Who along with dozens and dozens of other artists. We like the music but they also represent our teen years when we saved our money and ran out and purchased vinyl records. He tells his stories and I tell mine and we are reminded as to why we are together and just how much that we have in common. We grew up during the same time and enjoyed being teenagers in the 70’s.

Today the three things that I am obsessed with are my boots and my books and an Apple iPad application that allows me to make short clips of video film. I am having fun with the film!

The boots are amazing and I want to wear them every single day, they were a Christmas gift from my husband and something I would never have afforded for myself. I tease him that when I die please bury me with these boots on because I love them so much and quite frankly I don’t want anyone else getting them. Is that bad?

Then there are my books, I collect them and I hoard them and I am kind of selfish about them too. Mostly because I like the pages to be clean and crisp. I can remember borrowing a book from the library and opening a page and finding somebody’s left over “yuck” on the page and that about did it for me. Now I purchase what I want to read and I do it for two reasons; 1) to enjoy the book over and over again and 2) so that I can support the writer. As a writer myself, supporting other writers is really important to me.

So what three things are you currently obsessed with? What do they mean to you and what do you have that you love so much that you really would not enjoy sharing it?

Right now I am on a quest for Easter related salt and pepper shakers; I haven’t really seen any that speak to me. I saw ones at Cracker Barrel restaurant recently but they were really small and plain. I want ones that make you smile when you look at them and yes I do share them with our guests …

My books make me happy, my boots make me happy (and keep my feet really warm and they look great) and my salt and pepper collection is both useful and decorative. Now who is next to being featured in my next home spun Apple FxGuru video?

Have fun and surround yourself with the things that you love and that make you smile and help to create memories …

(Okay so who knows where I can find some fun, cute and unique looking Easter salt and pepper shakers?)

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