Families That Vacation Together – A Day at Rehoboth Beach


Families That Vacation Together – A Day at Rehoboth Beach

By Bernadette A. Moyer


It has been said that “writers are observers of life” and this writer certainly believes that to be true! During a recent trip to the beach I enjoyed doing what I enjoy most; people watching. There were several families near us as we sat on the sand and took in the sun and the sights.

The family that most caught my attention sat directly in front of us. It was a multi-generational family with grandparents and their adult children along with their children. They all seemed to get along and to enjoy each other’s company. I enjoyed watching them interact.

What struck me was the respect and the love that was communicated to the elder “mom” and “dad’ and just how loving they were toward one another. A grown son with his girlfriend (no visible wedding rings) asking “Mom do you need another towel? Here take mine.” He then walked toward her and helped to make her more comfortable.

Then there were the adult children with their young kids and the cousins were all playing and building sand castles. The unmarried aunts and uncles were playing with them and running into the surf together. Again more love more support and all about getting along, surely memories were being made.

I witnessed a young mother discreetly breast feeding her baby and with dad watching over them. Later a little girl that came out of the water and had some difficulty finding her parents in the large crowded beach. A woman immediately reacted and offered to help her, soon she was reunited with her family.

There is a lot that goes on at the beach. I am tuned in and take it all in including my husband who zones out listening to his iPod, eyes closed and in another world up until the heat gets to him and he has to cool off in the water.

When I sit there and look around at all the people, I wonder where they are from and what they do for a living, I read their t-shirts the ones that read “Penn State” and “Key West” along with so many other messages.

I remember when our kids were little and all that sunscreen and the hats that we wanted them to wear to avoid a sunburn. We have so many memories of all the kids and their beach adventures. One of my favorite memories was when the twins were just toddlers and wore matching boy and girl bathing suits that were from Disney and 1001 Dalmatians themed. They were just so cute with the puppy spots and in black and white with red. They loved the water and we loved sharing it with them.

The beach is like camping without the tents, watching people settle into their little piece of real estate for the day and eating food that they brought or that they purchased from the boardwalk.  It’s just fun to watch.

It is so easy to pass the day away at the beach and I always feel like, “my soul knows no calm like the sounds of the surf slapping up against the sand”  I am renewed by my time spent there.

I hope all families get to have that experience of sharing recreational time together enjoying mom, dad, grandpa and grandma, cousins and aunts and uncles all enjoying life and one another and creating memories. It really doesn’t get any better than that!

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