The Importance of Proper Alignment


The Importance of Proper Alignment

By Bernadette A. Moyer

Organizational alignment just like our own body needs to be properly aligned to function at the highest and most productive levels. Last week I pulled a muscle in my lower back and I am fairly certain this came from sitting in a new desk chair that wasn’t suited for the computer station that I was using at that time. I wrote for hours in a position that literally pulled and strained my lower back.

I haven’t been in this much pain in years and it caused me to want to overcompensate by using the other side of my body in an unaligned way which only put additional stress on my legs and other body parts. Once I got moving around I found some relief but after sitting and sleeping it was excruciating to get moving again. My body experience reminded me of the importance of how everything must work together and in harmony and complete and proper alignment for maximum and best results.

Organizational strategic plans are often derived from the same concept where all efforts must literally line up and face one common goal to achieve that corporate goal. When each created staff position supports the next position inline it creates a direct line to the identified goal. An unaligned organization where staff members are pulling in their own direction is like six people pulling on a wagon each for their own direction. That wagon is basically immobilized as a result of the lack of alignment. Those same six people working together and pulling together for the same goal/direction have a higher degree of probability to attain that goal and make it to their desired destination.

These same analogies can be found in our current state of political affairs. With a country that is literally divided in half between a Democratic party and a Republican party you have equal parts pulling in opposite directions whereas it is nearly impossible to achieve any real goals. When the majority of people get behind a single goal that is when we will see our country move forward. As long as the wagon is being pulled in two completely different directions no real success can be attained. I am not afraid of change I am much more concerned with the effects of division rather than what can be achieved with proper alignment.

Alignment is so important in how we live our lives. If we want something and have set a goal for ourselves have we done what is necessary to line up all our efforts to achieve that goal? We can manage to move without proper alignment and often we do this by putting undue stress on other areas. It is only when we have identified our mission and our goals and properly aligned ourselves and our support team that we can achieve highest and best results. When we identify and make our goals a priority, and line up all our efforts, there is a higher probability for success.

We should never underestimate the importance of proper alignment in our own bodies and in our health as well as in any goals that we set out to achieve. Personal and professional alignment gives us a direct line to fully functioning and achievable results. My back is not 100% but a new properly aligned desk chair has been ordered and I am reminded of the importance of proper alignment in all that we do as we set out to achieve our goals.

This Presidential election I hope that enough people come together in a majority and align themselves on a single mission where we can accomplish goals and attain success for the majority of people.

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Leader and his team. 3D rendered image.

Leader and his team. 3D rendered image.

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