Why Trump Speaks to Me


Why Trump Speaks to Me
By Bernadette A. Moyer

I know! I know! I have read the comments and many of the not-so-nice reviews on Donald Trump. And he sure as heck doesn’t need me to speak for him or to defend him.


But … here are just a few thoughts on why he speaks to me.

• He is not afraid! – Like him or hate him he is who he is and is true to himself. In a world full of phony people and false friends, he manages to stay true to himself.
• Skin in the game, his own skin! – He isn’t bought and paid for; he is using his own resources to get around. Every businessman knows that “time is money” and he is investing his time and his money.
• High Energy Level – This guy has energy!
• He has been up and he has been down and he survives it and often thrives in it. We have witnessed both his personal life and his professional life fail and he always comes back from it.
• His wife – She exudes class and good taste, very Jackie O like. She is also a smart business woman.
• His kids – His children all seem to be so educated and polished. They have the brains and they have class.
• Business skills – My belief is that if we ran our government like a business we would be much more successful. Every family runs on a budget and so should the government.
• The ability to get things done – He has a proven track record of getting jobs done and getting them done under budget and on time.
• His passion for the Presidency – He doesn’t need this job but clearly he wants it and he thinks that he can make a difference. All success starts with an inner belief.
• The ability to ferret out the best people – I didn’t watch that many episodes of The Apprentice but when I did view it, it was clear that he was surrounded by good hard working people that were deeply committed to the task at hand.
• The Depth of His Understanding for Negotiations – With all his business transactions he understands The Art of the Deal he knows that first you have to have the ability to communicate and then you have to find middle ground and you have to be willing to give to get.
• His desire to make a difference and “Make America Great Again” it might be a catch phrase but I like it. Our country has had better days. We need to reinvest in ourselves in our highways and rail systems in our businesses and in technology and education. We need to give people hope that they are all able to be a part of the American Dream.
• He represents the “anti-politician” politician and like many in this country, I am tired of career politicians that get nothing done. If he was President I believe that he would work hard at it and that he has the burning desire to stop talking and start doing.

Believe me I see it and know what people don’t like about him too. I see his ego and his arrogance but I would be willing to bet most if not all Presidents before him had a certain amount of ego and arrogance too. I suspect it goes with the job.

For the record I also like Dr. Ben Carson and I am still open to learning more about all the candidates except I have to admit I am really turned off by Hillary.

So like him or not he has made politics fun and newsworthy and he has people listening and watching and he has done this in a period of time in our history when a large majority weren’t paying attention and had already thrown their hands up in surrender, disbelief and frustration.

If nothing else, more and more people are involved in the conversation and more and more people are watching …

Oh and the only thing we should agree on? Is that we are not all going to agree on who should be tasked with running our country because that is what elections are for …

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