Gentle Breeze (A Poem)


Gentle Breeze (A Poem)
By Bernadette A. Moyer

This gentle breeze
Blows over me
Ocean air
So clear and bright
Water, wind and sand
It’s all at hand

The kid and the kite
Birds flying over
This gentle breeze
Brushing over me
Water is colder
The air so crisp

Days are becoming shorter
Less and less light exists
I see the sky
Search the surf
All the children are playing
While I’ve been sitting, praying

The sea, the sand and surf
All so much at hand
This gentle breeze
It comes and goes
The surf rolls in
And then out it goes

Ferry boat in
Ferry boat out
My time here
Rolls out to sea
Flowing like a gentle tease
Along with this very gentle breeze

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2 thoughts on “Gentle Breeze (A Poem)

  1. Teresa

    I woke up this morning longing for the beach. Your lovely poem ‘almost’ took me there. Thanks for the memories.

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