Losing Weight Feeling Great (part2)


Losing Weight Feeling Great (part 2)
By Bernadette A. Sahm


After losing my first ten pounds it feels like the next 5 were even harder yet I did it! My clothes are fitting better now that I am down 15 pounds since I began my workout and weight loss program. Actually I am down 1 full size. I go to the gym most every day and work out on the treadmill or cycles for an hour. I have increased my speeds and incline to where my workout is worth 400 to 500 calories!

It is all about the math. Energy expelled versus the calories taken in and I have increased my activities all the while reducing my caloric intake to help me lose the 15 pounds. I still eat! I still east what I want, I just eat less of it and I try to consume most calories before 8:00 in the evening. I honestly don’t feel like I am missing out on anything.

During the week when my husband is away at work it is easier and I am more mindful of everything that I consume, I deliberately try and save my calories for the weekends when we tend to go out and I like to have a cocktail or two. So far, it is working for me.

I’ve invested in better sneakers that seem to help with my right foot issues and I do ice wrap and soak it when I agitate it. Part of the gym experience is a dry sauna for at least 15 minutes and I love sweating out all the toxins before I take my shower. I see it in my complexion where my workout has also helped my skin to look healthier too.

What is next?

I want another 10lb loss and then a plan that I can stick with to help me keep it at that weight which should be another dress size and I feel good. My tracker was burning up during the month of June where I hit my goals for the entire month. In July so far I have given myself permission to miss a few days meeting my step count of over 12,000 and not feel guilty about it.

Going to the gym has been a godsend and also helps me with my stress level and it is something that I do just for me. I want to invest in an upgraded tracker by Christmas and some new workout clothes too. This is my new healthier normal!
I always look forward to the days when my husband is able to work out with me, it is fun having a partner but I do okay by myself too.

Funny … because most people that know me well would never believe how much I am enjoying the process of losing weight and feeling great and doing it the old fashioned way with both diet and exercise.

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