What I Learned From My Dogs


What I Learned From My Dogs

By Bernadette A. Moyer


Humility – Picking up poop in public! Who else would you do that for?

Unconditional Love – Whatever kind of day I am having, they are always there to greet me with kisses and tails wagging!

Acceptance – There doesn’t seem to be any difference from their acceptance of me whether I am groomed or not, happy, sad or up or down they accept me “as is.”

Loyalty – Always, always so loyal … they are fiercely loyal! And oh so protective too!

Responsibility – we motivate them and teach them by our actions. And they respond in kind.

Real Communication Doesn’t Require Words – When I have broken down in tears in front of my dog, she comes and licks the tears away … there are no words.

That we have the capacity and the ability to experience such depth of love and caring for living creatures and just how big our hearts can grow in loving them and caring for them. Joy, love, laughter and all the good things in life, we love our pooches just like we loved our little children when they were young. They are our babies and like a child, they need us to care for them and to love them and feed them and shelter them.

Most of all I learned that life is better, richer and fuller with them than it could ever be without them …

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