By Bernadette A. Moyer


Coffee in the morning
Coffee at night
Anytime of day
Coffee is just right

Coffee with dad
Two sugars and cream
Coffee with Brian
Hot and black

Coffee me
Light and sugar free
Morning cup
Afternoon pick me up

Evening reboot
Dessert with a shot
Light or dark
Short and tall

Cappuccino or latte
Café au lait
How do you like it
They will make it your way

Pretty cup
Paper with a sleeve
Irish whiskey if you please
It really makes no difference to me

Coffee hot and steamy
Coffee cold and creamy
Coffee for my headache
Coffee for this flight

It doesn’t matter the time
Coffee is always just right
My special mug
Please just fill her up

Dark chocolate covered beans
Light roasted too
Can you smell that grind
We are here just in time

Pretty cups and lots of different faces
So many unique fun coffee places
Individual cup or a whole pot
Single double or triple shot

Coffee light coffee dark
No matter how you take yours it is always right
Nothing beats that first cup to get started
Except … coffee, coffee and even more coffee …

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