Why We Love Marriott


Why We Love Marriott
By Bernadette A. Moyer

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We love to travel and we love Marriott properties! Whether we travel for business or for pleasure we are loyal to Marriott whenever possible. If there is a Marriott property located near our destination that will be our accommodation of choice.

In the mid-1990’s I became a “Marriott Rewards Member” and there are some nice perks with being a member. We also have racked up several “free” stays with their points program. We enjoyed 4 nights in Ft. Lauderdale for “free” and a get-away to Williamsburg Virginia “free” just last year while using our program points.

We are brand loyal! But why are we so loyal? Well the points program is nice but the best way to accumulate them is by staying in a Marriott property. They are consistent. The rooms are clean and they are comfortable, the staff is cheerful and kind and the properties are well maintained.

The Residence Inn allows us to travel with our pooches, as each Residence Inn has a dog policy that allows for animals. And the thing is that you would never know it, they are so well kept and clean that even if you were not a pet person, you probably wouldn’t know it. I didn’t. For years we stayed at several Residence Inn’s until I was in Florida and noticed dogs there, the manager said “yes, Residence Inn properties allow for dogs.” Good to know when we are travelling.

Last year we had quite a hefty travel schedule with about 50 nights in a Marriott property. The properties were located all across the country from Las Vegas, Nevada to Nashville, Tennessee to Sarasota, Florida and Williamsburg, Virginia among many other places. We spent part of Christmas at the Gaylord Opryland in Tennessee and have travelled for both business and pleasure. We were never disappointed in our choice of a Marriott property. They are consistent regardless of where our travels brought us.

I don’t work for them nor do I know anyone that does and my blog is completely unsolicited, but after so much travel I felt compelled to write it. Most offer a free breakfast which is not bad and if you travel with a family it can surely help keep costs down. The breakfast can be a homemade waffle or eggs and bacon or some fresh fruits and yogurt. There is coffee and juice and you can eat as much or as little as you wish.

On the very rare experience that may have been less that meeting our expectations, and I do mean very rare, they have gone out of their way to correct any problems that we may have experienced. What else could you ask for?

We love to travel and knowing that your arrival destination is waiting and ready to serve you with a clean and welcome home away from home allows us to travel with very little anxiety. Some favorite hotels that we seem to gravitate toward over and over are the following; Marriott on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Downtown Nashville Courtyard, Lauderdale by the Sea Courtyard, Marriott Harbor Beach in Ft. Lauderdale, Ford’s Colony in Williamsburg, Virginia and our newest find is the Residence Inn situated right on Daytona Beach at Daytona Beach Shores in Florida.

For many years we traveled to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, often with our twin children on holidays so we were thrilled when a few years ago Marriott purchased it, we stayed there so often and now with an added bonus of accumulating rewards points make it an even better choice for us.

I don’t think that they are the cheapest place to stay but I do believe they are a great value for your dollars when you include all the amenities like a free breakfast or gym use or the pool area and the fact that they are consistent in their hospitality and housekeeping services.

So our next trip is planned … June in Nashville and then there is the where shall we go to for “free” and cash in with all those Marriott Rewards points?

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How Can I Make You Happy


How Can I Make You Happy

By Bernadette A. Moyer

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Not that long ago I was visiting Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is a favorite travel destination for both my husband and me. We try and go at least twice a year. We love country music, the downtown club scene and Opryland at Christmas. The people are kind and so friendly.

On this occasion we travelled to Franklin to shop and check out a few antique places. When I walked into a shop the owner came to greet me. Instead of the usual “hello” and “can I help you?” He said, “How can I make you happy?” It immediately made me smile and I thought, how nice!

What a refreshing way to greet someone, “how can I make you happy?” Do we even think that thought, let alone say it out loud? What if we did approach everyone with a mindset of “how can I make you happy?” Rather than a “What can I get from you today?” Or “What can you do for me today? “What a nice shift in our mindset.

Just thinking that thought of how I can make someone else happy, makes me smile. So often we are stuck on ourselves, our feelings, our wants, our desires. Yet most mature adults know that a life of service and of giving is much more fulfilling.

Last week I was driving through a Delaware self-serve toll that costs 50 cents, the guy ahead of me tried using the coin changer machine, it appeared it wasn’t working. I could sense his anxiety. His tag read Pennsylvania tags, he looked just like my father, and I easily had the 50 cents so I drove around him and paid his toll. This guy was so appreciative. He had enough money to pay but watching him become flustered I felt compelled to help. The appreciation from this old man was well worth the 50 cents and so much more, he made my day.

There are opportunities every single day to be a giver, to be a positive life force. To make some else’s day better is a gift too. Yesterday I was walking through a big box store when a father and son were coming up directly in front of me. The father gently guided his son over so that my pathway was open for me to proceed. I gave the father who seemed a bit serious a big smile of appreciation. The smile that he returned to me was priceless. Those smiles cost absolutely nothing and yet I know that it made me feel good and I have to assume that father was feeling good. His huge smile was wonderful!

Today, go out into the world, maybe not saying it to every single person we meet along the way but in thinking it, “how can I make you happy?” Little acts of giving and of kindness go a long way. Be the do-gooder and watch just how much goodness comes right back at you.

How can I make you happy?

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