A Different Kind of Beautiful


A Different Kind of Beautiful
By Bernadette A. Moyer


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and beautiful is defined differently by different people. As you age you learn that beauty really is more about how something is and feels rather than just how it looks on the surface.

Beauty is as beauty does is a phrase my mother often used when I was coming up. I have thought of that phrase often …

There will always be the obvious beauty as in a beautiful baby or young child, or the beauty in the flowers or the sun rise and sun sets. As we age what we perceive as beautiful often changes, it grows, we appreciate the rains and the storms and all of life’s imperfections more and more. We come to see that beauty really does exist everywhere and in every place and every person if we are open and receptive to seeing it. It’s there.

I have learned to look at my gray hair as “sparkles” and that it is a crown that I have earned from living life all these year. Just the thought of “sparkles” makes me smile!

Rainy days no longer depress me, today I embrace them and see their beauty just as much as a clear and sunny day, each day brings its own unique pleasures.

When I see people behave unattractively or in a poor way or with harsh phrases or judgements I seldom if ever allow it to make me view their targets in that light. But I do  view the person spewing as someone that needs more love. Someone that has their own wounds; and a wounded soul can be viewed in a beautiful light.

We can create more beauty and become more beautiful …

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7 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Beautiful

  1. Found your blog a few weeks ago. We have an estranged son. He was married on August 12th, and that was the hardest, most belittling experience we ever had (from him, his wife’s family, and my mom & sisters). However, I found peace and strength that day as I refused to cry. I stared at the crucifix hanging in our church and recited in my head all through the wedding…”You died on that cross for me, and did not shed a tear. I will bear this cross and not shed a tear. Your will be done.” You know what….I survived! I only cried a little that night, not an all out tear-fest. It’s been a year with almost no communication we are healing and moving on recreating life and finding our joy.

    • Good for you! I know how difficult this can be … 18 years ago my daughter had a son. I never even knew she was pregnant until he was already 5 months old! It was devastating! I couldn’t believe she could be so heartless but through the years I have come to know it isn’t about me. It never was. She has repeatedly left loved ones behind. Today her son is 18 special needs and raised by people who love and care for him. She abandoned him too. You are not alone more and more people are experiencing this … God Bless you! I feel your pain! Big hugs!

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