Adult Children That Love and Respect Their Parents


Adult Children That Love and Respect Their Parents
By Bernadette A. Moyer

adult children

In just this week on social media sites I witnessed adult children that declare their love and respect for their parents. I say Amen to that! These kids just look so much more attractive than the ones who constantly and consistently find fault with the very people that gave them life and raised them, their own parents.

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, his adult children are by his side and working hard for him as they support him. All of his adult children are up to their eyeballs in supporting their father. And clearly with three marriages, much scandal and who knows what else, they could find fault with dear old dad if that was what they wanted to do. I love seeing his adult children supporting him. It makes him look good but also makes them look good too.

I witness my dearest friends that are caretaking for their aging and ailing parents and I see their loving hearts in their caring actions. Again it makes them look good but also credits their parents.

During this same week a post of a newspaper clipping was shared with me of an ailing mother who took to newsprint to post an ad letting her adult son know that he was forgiven, that she was ill and hopeful someone somewhere would see it and encourage him to call his mother before she dies. It’s heartbreaking to see such an ad. Mom is trying to die in peace and her adult son is nowhere to be found.

Other friends share their broken hearts over 1, 2, 3 and even more of their children that want nothing to do with them. They have been dismissed. Through the years I have communicated with thousands of parents and all of them express their broken hearts over their adult children who have chosen to estrange. These kids need and want to make mom and dad look badly so they can justify their actions and their decision to estrange.

I don’t think they factor in just how badly it makes them look to speak so poorly about the mother and father who gave them life and who raised them to then turn around and treat their parents so badly.

When adult kids are successful and appreciate their parents as a result it seems like a natural transition of appreciation and love, and others who are successful and don’t appreciate their mom and dad, it’s hard not to respond with, “so you became a success all by yourself?”

Then there are the adult kids who are failing and struggling and want to blame mom and dad? Either way it just doesn’t add up. At some stage in life you take responsibility for the choices that you make and you grow up enough to stop placing blame on your parents.

We learn from the Ten Commandments; “Honor your father and mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you.”

Adult children who have loving relationships with their parents tend to have loving relationships period. Each one of us can love just as each one of us can make the decision to withhold our love. Being on the side of love and gratitude is by far the most attractive and healthy side to be associated with. Everyone wears love well and I don’t know of anyone that looks good wearing an angry and unforgiving heart.

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4 thoughts on “Adult Children That Love and Respect Their Parents

  1. Thank you..Bernadette..
    My daughter left me when she was 18 years old…for a life of booze drugs bad people…I’m heartbroken.!!!…she kicked my late husband’s but to his grave – week before his death at age 49..from cancer..!!! We were both dedicated both her and my son !! My late husband raised theses kids.,like they were his own seed !!! My daughter was turning son was turning 6… Marty came into our lives..he gave us a for 20 years!,, their own father NEVER even made a phone call in 18 years to see if they were dead or alive!,,too drunk and full of drugs..bad people…my daughter has followed the same path..born with his brain..I’m a nurse for 35 years ..I knew she was..born with mental issues…got worse as she got older…we stared with family concealing when she was 13 years old…I still see this councillor. .23 years!!! I’ve done everything in my make things right for her life!! She just LYES. .BLADE me !!! Now she has done the same to the BEST man..she could ever meet in her life !!! She’s had a baby to him..2 years’s a NIGHTMARE..what she has done to Jeff. .and Brielle. .his…my son !!!

    • I am so sorry and I do understand! Your story is similar to many that have been shared with me. In the end we learn that we must save ourselves and that we did the best we could with what we had and knew at the time.

      Thanks for sharing! Peace and hugs, Bernadette

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