Simple Pleasures


Simple Pleasures
By Bernadette A. Moyer


Simple pleasures, what are yours?

Just a few of mine include:

• That bowl of fresh peaches sitting on the kitchen counter
• My first cup of coffee in the morning
• Snuggling with my two pooches
• Watching my husband drive up after a long work day
• The look and smells of a freshly cut lawn
• Driving top down on a quiet country road with the music blaring
• Sunsets
• Sunrise
• The innocence of small children
• A clean house
• A clean desk
• Quiet time at home
• Lunch with a friend
• Writing a new blog
• The subtle seasonal changes
• Sitting on the beach
• Praying to God
• Good friends
• Happy people
• My roses opening and in full bloom
• A new book or magazine waiting to be read
• Rabbits running through the yard
• A road trip
• A live concert
• A baseball game
• Long meaningful conversations
• Fresh new paper and stationary
• Birthdays
• Holidays
• Cooking dinner
• Baking treats
• The smell of fresh laundry
• Long lazy weekends
• A tall glass of ice water

And I seriously could go on and on …

What are your simple pleasures? Gratitude is an attitude!

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4 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Jeanie Senn

    My simple pleasures:

    The smell of toast or bagels baking in the toaster.
    The first noticeably cool, crisp day of autumn
    My sister-in-law just calling to say hi.
    The first tomato of the season in my garden.
    Hearing a beloved song on the radio from my school years.
    Making my homemade tuna salad from scratch
    The shades of mauve, gray, and peach in the sky at dusk.
    Seeing clouds overhead with honest to goodness silver linings.
    Having multiples of cats crawl into my lap and nap.
    When my favorite episode of a tv series comes on.
    Joyous nostalgia.
    A new shade of nail polish.
    Boiled peanuts and chilled watermelon.
    The night calls of night birds, cicadas, and crickets long after sundown.
    Waking up to the sound of rain on the roof.
    The happy laughter of my neighbor’s children.
    A sales circular featuring nearly everything I need by marvelous coincidence.
    Feeling truly grateful.
    Beginning a new craft project.
    Listening to a marching band at half time and remembering your own band geek days, and, oh yes, my favorite….Drumroll please…
    Sunday early a.m. is my pamper day. A hot cup of tea, newspaper, hot oil in my hair, fragrant masque on my face, my feet in a warm tea tree oil pulsating foot bath, cuticle oil soaking into my nails, sitting on the recliner Sunday morning while QVC plays in the background. Enough emoluments and softeners to power an oil refinery!

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